HK Tax Representative

We are Fly High, we are an accounting and taxation services firm in Hong Kong. Hong Kong taxpayers, including personal clients and Hong Kong companies, can appoint us as the Tax Representative of their individual and corporate tax returns. We work all we can to bring and hassle-free experience of dealing with local and overseas taxation matters and the regulations of Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department (HKIRD).



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Tax Return Filing Services

Acting as the Tax Representative of our clients, we sincerely file the Hong Kong tax returns for individuals, unlimited companies, self-employed businesses, and limited companies, to ensure compliance with tax laws  and the IRD regulations and avoid potential punishment and penalty.

We can serve the taxpayers as follows:

  • Individuals
  • Limited Company *
  • Unlimited Company / Partnership / Sole Proprietorship


 For limited company clients, please refer to our “4-in-1 Hong Kong Corporate Accounting Service” which includes all services to settle the accounting, taxation and audit obligations of a Hong Kong small-to-   medium enterprise.



 We can serve the Annual Tax Returns as follows and their related supplementary forms:

  • Tax Return – Individuals (BIR60)
  • Property Tax Return – for property jointly owned or co-owned by individuals (BIR57)
  • Property Tax Return – for property owned by corporations or bodies of persons (BIR58)
  • Profits Tax Return – Corporations (BIR51)
  • Profits Tax Return – Persons Other Than Corporations (BIR52)
  • Profits Tax Return – In Respect Of Non-Resident Persons (BIR54)
  • Employer’s Return (BIR56A/IR56B/IR56E/IR56F)



Additional Services

In addition to tax return file filing, we can help our clients to tackle more taxation issues.

Our other capacities are as follows:

  • Prepare Balance Sheet and Profits Tax Calculation for sole proprietorship and partnership businesses (commonly known as “unlimited companies”)
  • Provide tax advisory service for legal reduction of the tax burden and other improvements
  • Draft the IRD letters in Chinese and English (e.g: Extension of submission, Objection)
  • Answer your questions as your tax consultant
  • Reply to (or assist to reply to) the IRD query letters


Service Fee

Pricing of items on our quotations of tax services are calculated based on a combination of the following factors:

  • Availability of our workforce
  • Estimated time spent
  • Level of expertise and responsibility required


Please contact us for a free initial consultation session and the quotation.