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As a “business center” in Hong Kong, we offer supportive service to help everyone, whether you are a Hong Kong resident or not, to start your Hong Kong companies and run your business here.


Co-working space platform in Hong Kong

What make a good office? Location in CBD, huge conference room, cozy furniture …. you name it. With the aid of co-working platforms, you just subscribe as a member there, you can access to their A-grade business infrastructure equivalent to large multinational corporations, work with like-minded talents of startups, and manage your expenses by their fair use and pay-as-you-go system.


Hong Kong Statutory Company Secretary Service

Fly High can take the position as your Company Secretary of your Hong Kong company, as required by the laws of Hong Kong company registration. We can also offer full range of statutory secretarial services to ensure compliance.

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Hong Kong Registered Office Address Service

Fly High can take share our Hong Kong address with your Hong Kong company as your registered office address, you can register your Hong Kong company without Hong Kong presence (or you lack it). We can forward the government letters to your designated address anywhere.

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Hong Kong Virtual Office Service

Fly High virtual office service consists of a share Hong Kong address and a dedicate Hong Kong telephone number with our receptionists handling. You will have your Hong Kong business correspondence address and phone number for your Hong Kong company.

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