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Hong Kong Remote Company Formation + Multi Currency Account

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Business Booster
Company Formation + Digital Banking Account

What do I get?


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  • Company name search of all-new entity
  • Articles of Association (with bound certified copies)
  • Share certificates & statutory books
  • Submission of signed docs to the Companies Registry
Self Photos / Files - tick Settlement of CI & BR's govt fees
  • 1-year license of Certificate of Incorporation & Business Registration Certificate
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  • Company secretary nomination that will handle company maintenance & take the role for 1 year after incorporation



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  • 1 set of Significant Controllers complying with the Companies Ordinance
Self Photos / Files - tick Registered office address with electronic company stamp
  • Prestigious HK business correspondence address
  • Govt & bank letters will be forwarded to your given address
  • Provision of electronic company stamp
Self Photos / Files - tick Remote multi-currency account opening
  • Open a business transaction account instantly with Statrys / Currenxie / Payoneer / Neat / Airwallex / WorldFirst. These accounts allow global money transfers.



Express Service for Hong Kong Limited Company Incorporation

Online application. Register your company in as fast as 3 hours

Fly High Business (FHB) is a registered service provider for one-stop Hong Kong private company incorporation service for both limited & unlimited companies. We also offer company secretary service, virtual office which provides our clients a registered business address, phone receptionist service to facilitate the immediate operation of their newly set-up business.


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3 hours express incorporation service

Speedy receipt of your Certificate of Incorporation and Business Registration

Government fees, Articles of Association, Company Stamps all Inclusive

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Service Centre

Our centre are located at Tsim Sha Tsui with convenient transportation and nearby facilities! Pick one as your registered company address!

Handy value-added service

Our service plans cover virtual office, company secretary, trademark registration, accounting and auditing & taxation filing service

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Powerful and user-friendly

allows hassle-free online application of different kinds of services including company registration at the comfort of your own home



Let' s Get You Started

Here's what you need to know about company registration in Hong Kong and how we cover essential compliance for you.


Process Time

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  • The incorporation process of an all-new Hong Kong company takes 1 business day.
  • Ownership transfer for a ready-made company takes 1 week to process.

Basic Requirements

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  • Incorporation application form.
  • Proposed company name.
  • At least 1 director, 1 shareholder and 1 company secretary (Fly Hign will provide you with a company secretary in our package).
  • Passport of all directors and shareholders with 25% or more shares.
  • Selfie with a clearly visible passport and your face.
  • Recent address proof issued within the last 3 months.
  • Registered office address in Hong Kong (AsiaBC will provide you with a prestigious office address in our package).

Registered Address

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  • Hong Kong Companies Ordinance mandates every company to have a local registered address at the point of incorporation. While you can use your home address as long as the tenancy agreement allows it as an office address and it must be able to receive all communication and notices, note that this might invade your privacy as the address will be submitted to the public information.
  • A more common way is to use a business address as your registered office address. At Fly High Business, you can uplift your corporate image with our prestigious address located at the vibrant metropolis of HK, Unit No.1812, 18/F, Star House, 3 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • Our provided office address receives your business’s Government and bank letters, and forwards them to your given address.



Low Tax System

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  • Hong Kong follows the two-tiered tax system in which entrepreneurs will settle 8.25% on assessable profits up to HK$2 million or 16.5% on earnings over HK$2 million. The profits tax rate of 8.25% is amongst the lowest in the world.
  • An employee’s salaries tax is at 15% and will be based on their net chargeable income’s progressive rate.
  • Renting a property in Hong Kong has a standard tax rate of 15% on the property’s net assessable value.
  • Entrepreneurs can also elect Personal Assessment to lighten an individual’s tax liabilities and relieve their income chargeable by profits, salaries, and property taxes. Some of the items that can be deducted are :
    • Mandatory employee contributions to Mandatory Provident Fund scheme
    • Contributions to recognized occupational retirement schemes
    • Business losses incurred in the year of assessment
    • Losses brought forward from previous years under personal assessment
    • Personal allowances

Useful Offering

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  • We will assign a company secretary to assist you in preparing and submitting the company’s annual return. He / she will also ensure that your Hong Kong company complies with the statutory filings, laws, and regulations.
  • You can make your first business transaction while waiting for your formal bank account. The Business Booster Package includes a digital banking (FinTech) account, and our specialist will assist you in opening the account with our partnered FinTech providers such as StatrysNeatCurrenxieAirwallexPayoneer, and WorldFirst for instant global money transfer.



Discover the Right Digital Banking for Your Business

Skip the hassle. Save your time.

Banking Account Success

Ready to take your newly registered company in Hong Kong to the next level with a centralized multi-currency account?

Reserve Your Bank Account!


Commercial Banking
Free referral service for account opening
Commercial bank accounts are a necessity for every company. Enjoy Fly High's arrangement for you for FREE


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Commercial bank account opening referral
Preparation of the required documents for you
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Multiple branches opening options
Free to pick a commercial banking centre convenient to you
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Express approval process
Shorter average approval time than making appointments on your own
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Minimum account balance
Possible waiver of minimum account balance requirement



Why Choose Fly High Business?

We go beyond the extra mile to give you a seamless company formation process.


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Savvy Service Provider

With 8 years of experience in company setup services, our team has served 8,000+ clients and successfully built strong connections with overseas partners.

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Direct Pricing System

No hidden charges, just pure services. Providing high-quality solutions without breaking your budget, we are fair and transparent with our costs and benefits.

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Stress-Free Application

Our hands-on incorporation specialists always make necessary follow-ups and never miss a chance to keep you posted with your application progress.




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Trusted Advisors

Knowledgeable in Hong Kong business registration and banking process, our team goes beyond the extra mile to give you tailor-made advice and end-to-end assistance.

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One-Stop Platform

Never stress out looking for an effective solution after your company is formed. We have everything you need from A to Z so you can focus on your business.



You Can Ask Us Anything

Do I need to be in Hong Kong to set up my offshore company?

No. We will do an identity verification once all requirements and documents are sent through electronic means, so you can start your new company without flying to Hong Kong.

Should the company director be a resident in Hong Kong?

No. A foreigner can set up a business in Hong Kong. They can be the sole director and shareholder of the company. However, a resident company secretary is needed, and Fly Hign Business can provide one for you. .

What is a ready-made company?

It is also known as a ‘shelf company’ or ‘shell company.’ These companies are registered for reselling to a new business owner and don’t have any prior business activities, making it clear from debts.

While shelf companies are still required to comply with the same set of requirements similar to all-new companies, corporate directors and shareholders are allowed and have no restrictions on their nationality.

What's the difference between ready-made and all-new companies?
Ready-Made Company All-New Company
Registration Date Since it is ready-made, older registration dates can give a more established sense to entrepreneurs. Opposite to ready-made companies, all-new companies might take time and effort to build their credibility for their customers and suppliers.
Process Time It takes around 1 week to process the ownership transfer. It only takes 1 business day to set up. Company director(s) and shareholder(s) are required to appear.
Fees Its fee is higher than an all-new company generally. However, some shelf companies have a very expensive price due to their early establishment and also the cost of Government fees that were put in before. For all-new companies, incorporation package costs are the only fee the clients need to settle, plus additional services they would want to avail.
Annual Renewal The renewal date for ready-made companies is earlier than the date of purchase, which means that the due date is less than 1 year after the purchase. The renewal date of newly incorporated companies is on the anniversary date of incorporation.
Can I open a bank account remotely?

Traditional banks still prefer face-to-face appointments to comply with their Know-Your-Client (KYC) process, making bank account applications lengthy and tedious ultimately. However, there are corporate service providers that can still assist you in opening remote business accounts without a direct presence.

What is a digitial banking (FinTech) account and why should I open one?

FinTech is coined from Financial Technology which is an alternative multi-currency banking platform for entrepreneurs slowly getting their formal bank account. FinTechs allow them to open a quick account remotely and do global business transactions such as paying suppliers or receiving payments from global bank accounts anytime.

Note :

  • Same as a traditional bank account opening, there are also restrictions for companies and nationalities who can open an account due to the respective sanction lists of different FinTech companies.
  • These providers usually charge handling fees per payment, both incoming and outgoing. They also have a subscription fee to maintain your business account.
What is the rolf of a comapany secretary?

A company secretary is the business’s representative and must ensure that your company complies with Hong Kong companies ordinance. It is a mandatory requirement to hire such a role when establishing a company in HK as he / she will be responsible with the following :

  • Prepare and submit Annual Returns.
  • Act as the designated representative for the Significant Controllers Register (SCR).
  • Maintain communication with the Government and regulatory bodies like Companies Registry, IRD, SFC, and HKEX.
  • Keeping statutory records.
  • Ensure compliance with Hong Kong laws and regulatory requirements.