Business Bank Account

Hong Kong Business Bank Account Guarantee Re-opening

When Hong Kong banks closed your accounts for any reason without notice, you need support from our local banking specialists to deal with.


These 3 reasons to choose Fly High


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  • We used to work in Hong Kong banks.
  • We know the latest KYC & Due Diligence.
  • We have network of Hong Kong bankers.
  • We turn failed applicants to open bank accounts

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  • We approach feasible banks only.
  • We prepare tailor-made applications for you (e.g. certified true copy of documents)
  • We make bank appointments for bank account opening.
  • We ensure you know banks’ preference of client.

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  • We follow the application progress.
  • We streamline the communication with banks.
  • We share all experience of HK bank account opening.
  • We spare no effort to support you.



Business Account Opening in Hong Kong Banks









How does – Hong Kong Bank Account Opening work in this case?


1.Write or talk to one of our friendly Hong Kong bank account opening experts to find out if you could be eligible to apply for “Refund on No Win” Hong Kong bank account opening package. Consultation is free of charge, feel free to contact us.


2.We will ask you to email copy of your documents generally required for bank account opening in Hong Kong, so we can do a preliminary search to match feasible banks with you. No charge is generated, no leak of your privacy.


3.We quote you the upfront service fee of every bank account opening in matched banks, plus refundable amount of each bank if rejected application at last. If you accept. we will invoice you with agreement for your confirmation.


4. We will instantly pay you the agreed refundable amount of each bank when we are noticed that the bank account opening application is officially rejected. Note: refundable amount varies among banks, but it is usually at least 50% of our service fee.